Electronic Characteristics Apparatus

Nessler Exports is driving maker and exporter of Electronic Characteristics Apparatus. As a dependable Manufacturer and Supplier, we utilize just top notch crude materials for the generation of different Electronic Characteristics Apparatus. Our items are of unmatched quality and vitality proficient. The different kinds of electronic items we give are Digital Lux Meter, Digital Multimeter, Digital sound level meter, LCR Bridge, sound oscillator and so on.

Item Range :

  • Electronic Characteristics Apparatus
  • CRO, Oscilloscope and DS
  • Modulators
  • Test and estimating instruments
  • Advanced Lux Meter
  • Advanced Multimeter
  • Advanced Sound level meter
  • Advanced LCR meter
  • LCR bridge
  • Advanced Signal Generator
  • Sound Oscillator
  • EHT Power Supply
  • SMPS Power Supply
  • Autotransformers/Variac
  • Battery Eliminators
  • Beginning to end of Imported Electronic instruments
  • Digital Humidity Meter
  • Digital Gauss Meter
  • Frequency counter
  • PCB Inspection Lens
  • Decade Resistance Box
  • Decade Capacitance Box
  • Decade Inductance Box
  • Desktop simple and computerized meters
  • Spot Reflecting Galvanometers
  • Vacuum Tubes
  • Oscillators
  • LV Power Supply
  • Flexible Leads
  • Function Generators and sound oscillator
  • Battery Chargers
  • signal Generators and sound oscillator

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